"Scenar is a breakthrough treatment that really works." Men's Health Magazine
"A device called Scenar .. has been shown to encourage healing." The Guardian
"It may turn out to be a medical miracle." The Scotsman

What is so special about Scenar?

Remarkable levels of pain reduction and functional recovery

Often able to break through where nothing else has

Non-invasive, non-toxic, free of side effects

Long-lasting or permanent results

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This device was first developed over thirty years ago for cosmonauts to treat themselves. I have been very privileged to train in Odessa, Moscow and London with Prof Alexander Revenko one of the original team of medical Scientists commissioned to create this incredible device.
I treated a lady who had been on depression medication for four years.After the first treatment she felt a little bit relaxed for the first time in two years, and after a series of weekly Treatments, she “began to see daylight again where only black clouds existed before.”
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