Sonia, I can't thank you enough for your help with my skin. My eczema was at its worse when I came to you, I'd been passed from pillar to post by the doctors. They'd given me every cream under the sun which would work for a week or so max. When I managed to get referred to the dermatologist I thought I was going to get somewhere with it finally, unfortunately not. They prescribed me a cream that burned my skin so much I ended up in A&E. A family friend then recommended you, I didn't really know what to expect but they spoke so highly of you I thought it was worth a go! I've been so much happier since my skins cleared up, I don't have to worry about what I wear now and whether it covers my eczema. To anyone thinking of going to Sonia I really couldn't recommend her enough, she's a miracle worker. I just wish I'd gone sooner! xxxx

Within two weeks of visiting Sonia, I feel uplifted, less bloated, am eating healthier and I am
aware of what I put into my body. I look forward to another positive visit!


Many thanks for all your help and advice this year. I had a bone scan and it’s clear!
I am so happy fully chilled and looking forward to the year ahead.


After the first treatment I felt a little bit relaxed for the first time in two years, and after a series
of weekly treatments, I began to see daylight again where only black clouds existed before.


Sonia’s treatments were an important part of my journey to health and stability. I regained my
energy and vitality, so that I could tackle my illness with more strength and really get my life back.


"A big thank you Sonia for the great body work you did for me, treating my Piriformis Syndrome and manipulating my pelvis back over the past 2 years.

You were my last resort before surgery something I really didn't want to contemplate, what you achieved gave me my legs back, something no one else could help me with!

I recently completed the Chester Marathon and unbelievably managed to cross the finish line in 2hrs 59mins 27secs. This is the first time in 14 years I broke the 3 hour barrier, none of this I could have done without your help."

Many thanks once again.


peter barlow

I visited Sonia having spent years battling yeast related problems which made me feel very tired and unwell at times. These problems contributed to depression and problems controlling long standing type 1 diabetes. Sonia has helped me use nutrition to aid the healing of my body (and mind) and has shown me that I can control my symptoms without the continual use of traditional medicine. I believe it is about balance and ensuring that the body is in an alkaline state rather than an acidic one. I am now more confident about my health, have a lot more energy and feel generally well. Sonia is brilliant and I would recommend her to others. She is a kind and caring person.

I visited Sonia with severe eczema. I’d seen a number of dermatologists who had prescribed various topical steroids, antihistamines, oral steroids and my medication at the time of visiting Sonia was an immunosuppressant medication called Cyclosporine. (350mg per day)
This medication was never going to be a cure however, it allowed me to lead a relatively normal life. I had to visit the hospital every two weeks as the drug can be harmful to the liver.
On seeing Sonia, I was immediately re assured with her confidence that it was a condition we would be able to ease if not cure! I have always been conscious of diet and have eaten well, however the equipment Sonia has to hand is able to identify the foods that my body is having difficulty in breaking down. By eliminating these foods and focusing on a alkaline based diet I was quickly able to see improvements.
We then moved on to cleansing specific organs using natural therapies.
In just three months I am now leading a normal life, my skin is completely clear and I am taking no harmful drugs.
Massive thanks Sonia!


I first visited Sonia in March 2014 after suffering from migraine for most of my life and having had various medical treatments over the years. I was experiencing on average one attack every three weeks or so. After an initial assessment and radical change to my approach to food and liquid intake, my headaches have not disappeared completely but I have not suffered one full blown migraine attack. I cannot think of a better testimonial. Sonia is also most lovely and I always enjoy my visits and a good chat and leave her feeling energised and positive!

Morning Sonia,

I just wanted to give you some updated progress. At the time we met, my PSA was rising and was at 1.6 (this was of course post surgery)

After meeting you I started the juicing and followed the "ban list" you sent. I stopped all dairy products, bread and potatoes. I was 15 stone 12lbs when we met and my cholesterol was about 6.4. I bought a road bike but at the moment only cycle at the weekends.

Today my PSA is 0.05, my cholesterol is 3.5 and I am now 14 s 9lbs. Initially the morning green juice was revolting, today I really enjoy it. I eat sprouts for the first time in 35 years and ask for extra helping of greens when out dining.

I feel great.

I am going to get some home tests to see if I can ascertain if my Alkali/Acid balance has improved.

Thank you for giving me some direction.

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